Social Responsibility

STORE Capital believes that delivering strong financial results while also contributing in a positive way to all our many stakeholders defines true success. We seek to provide a work environment that attracts, develops, and retains top talent by affording our employees an engaging work experience that allows for career development and opportunities for meaningful civic involvement. Our employees further our commitment to social responsibility through their personal efforts to build connections with one another and their involvement in outside organizations that promote education, environmental and social well-being. We engage with our customers to help them build and sustain successful businesses that have a positive impact on their own communities.

  • Corporate Donations and Volunteering. For our community, we strive to be a good corporate citizen by supporting charitable organizations that promote education and social well-being and by encouraging our employees to personally commit to organizations that are meaningful to them. STORE Capital is proud to support local charities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation through corporate financial contributions. We are equally humbled by our employees’ selfless commitment to local charitable efforts such as Arizona Helping Hands and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
  • Diversity. STORE Capital has long acted to foster a diverse and vibrant workplace. Since the founding of the company in 2011, and at the prior companies founded by our management team, we have believed that we must have the best talent, including individuals who possess a broad range of experiences, backgrounds and skills that enable us to anticipate and meet the needs of our business and our customers. Over time, we have hired, developed and retained a diverse workforce that is a key component in our success. Currently, women hold seven of the ten positions in our management structure at the level of senior vice president and above and two of our nine Board of Directors positions, and, as a company, we have a deep bench of men and women who are collectively fully capable of professionally operating the business and fulfilling the STORE Capital vision.
  • Work Environment.  We are committed to maintaining a work environment where every employee at every level is treated with dignity and respect, is free from discrimination and harassment, and is allowed to devote their full attention and best efforts to performing their job to the best of their respective abilities. Click here to view Policy Statement On Human Rights
  • Internship Program. STORE Capital is committed to developing talented individuals through our college internship program by providing career learning opportunities in several areas of our business. College internships with STORE often garner employment opportunities in our industry.
  • Employee-Directed Engagement Initiatives. For our employees, we are committed to creating a diverse and vibrant workplace that respects individuality, helps every person realize his or her full potential, and includes persons with a broad range of experiences, backgrounds and skills that enable us to anticipate and meet the needs of our business and our customers. We conduct employee surveys annually to receive valuable feedback on our initiatives, and evaluate the results to develop new programs. We empower our employees not just by appealing to them with typical engagement strategies, but by allowing them to create and manage those programs. STORE Capital’s employee-run engagement committees develop and influence new employee onboarding, personal growth and professional development programs, company social and team-building events, and health and wellness programs.
  • Support for the Fleischer Scholars Program. Our Board Chairman, Morton H. Fleischer, founded the Fleischer Scholars Program. This program, which operates at both Washington University in St. Louis and at Arizona State University, provides high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have limited financial resources, are from underrepresented populations, and/or are first generation students with a unique, week-long educational experience that is designed to help them prepare for college and their careers by exposing them to academic and career opportunities in business and helping them build leadership and communication skills. Through the generosity of Mr. Fleischer, and with corporate support provided by STORE Capital among others, the program, including housing, meals and materials, is offered at no cost to all accepted students.
  • Tenant Employment and Economic Impact. For our customers, we seek to provide real estate financing solutions, backed by superior service, that help our customers grow their businesses. STORE Capital serves the middle market, a sector with more than 200,000 businesses with annual revenues between $10 million and $1 billion. Financing alternatives for middle market companies are limited. Our real estate financing solutions enable our customers to build and grow sustainable businesses, positively impact local economies and employ workers nationwide.
  • Dedication to the Success of Our Customers.
    • Inside Track Forum. Our Inside Track Forum is an annual, two-day event that we put on to thank our customers for their business. The event, which includes leading and relevant speakers and panelists, reflects our efforts to impart actionable ideas from industry experts and make a positive competitive difference for our customers. Learn More
    • STORE University. STORE University is an educational video series developed by our Chief Executive Officer, Christopher H. Volk. Consisting of a series of lessons broken into multiple subparts, these free online videos offer business owners insights into various business topics that can help them improve and succeed in their businesses. Learn More


Click here to view the 2020 STORE Capital Corporate Responsibility Report.

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