Environmental Stewardship

STORE Capital Corporation (“STORE Capital”) is a net lease real estate investment trust.  We acquire single tenant operational real estate from business owners, and then lease the properties back to the business owners under net leases, substantially all of which are triple-net. Under a triple-net lease, the tenant is solely responsible for operating the business conducted in the building subject to the lease, keeping the building in good order and repair, remodeling and updating the building as it deems appropriate to maximize business value, and paying the insurance, property taxes and other property-related expenses.  Under the triple-net lease model, therefore, it is the tenant, and not STORE Capital, that controls energy usage and decides when and how to implement environmentally sustainable practices at a given property.


While we do not control the business operations at our properties, as the property owner, we nevertheless recognize that the operation of commercial real estate assets can have a meaningful impact on the environment—particularly with respect to resource consumption and waste generation—and on the health of building occupants. At STORE Capital, we believe that being conscious of, and seeking to address, environmental impacts within our control, and supporting our tenant customers to do the same in their businesses, plays a role in building and sustaining successful enterprises.


We are committed to operating our business responsibly, guarding our valuable reputation and creating long-term and sustainable value for our company through a robust business model and attentiveness to all our many stakeholders.  STORE Capital is committed to playing an important role to middle market and larger companies across America in order to help them succeed, while making a positive impact to our collective communities, both today and for future generations. 


As part of our attentiveness to environmental concerns, we intend to:

  • Continuously seek to understand the environmental risks and opportunities associated with our business practices;
  • Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental awareness among our employees and to evaluate opportunities to enhance our processes; and
  • Promote awareness and engage with our tenants regarding sustainability practices and solutions.

To evidence our commitment to sustainable business practices, we have adopted a Policy Statement on Environmental Sustainability. Click here to view Policy Statement on Environmental Sustainability


Click here to view the 2020 STORE Capital Corporate Responsibility Report.

Environmental, Social, Governance(ESG)