Corporate Responsibility Statement


We define success by our ability to make a positive difference for all our many stakeholders. STORE’s beginning was inspired by our belief that we could make a positive difference for real estate intensive businesses across America by delivering innovative and superior real estate capital solutions. In that process, we have sought to add an important tool to middle market company capital formation while improving the liquidity of middle market businesses.


For our many customers, STORE’s real estate lease solutions have contributed to their prospects for wealth creation and to their ability to grow, create jobs and contribute to many communities across the country. In turn, meeting the needs of our customers provides an extraordinary investment opportunity that we believe holds the promise of sustainable long-term wealth creation for our many stockholders. In fulfilling this mission, STORE has grown our staff to more than 90 associates, many of whom have worked together through predecessor companies. From the earliest of these predecessor companies in 1980, our leadership team has shown a commitment to employee development, employee engagement and personal growth central to the creation of a quality business.


Customers, stockholders and employees: These are our three most integral stakeholders. Through them, we make a positive difference to our many other important stakeholders, including our creditors, suppliers and the many communities we serve.


Click here to view the 2020 STORE Capital Corporate Responsibility Report.

Environmental, Social, Governance(ESG)